Maintaining Your Certification

NACD Certified Directors achieve recertification by engaging in continuing education and ongoing learning related to the areas of competencies and director education standards defined in the NACD director education framework

Your active 24-month recertification cycle begins the day after you pass the exam, and you will need to earn 32 credits during that recertification period. Recertification is required to maintain an active NACD Directorship Certification status and to ensure that NACD Certified Directors continue to enhance their knowledge of directorship.

Recertification Credits 

Certified Directors receive a monthly email tracking their recertification status throughout their 24-month cycle. 

NACD offers hundreds of programs and events that award credits toward recertification. Nearly all national events, chapter events, webinars, peer exchanges, and virtual learning programs award credits, as do programs through the NACD Education Network. Search our event calendar by category, topic, date, or location for more information. 

Maintenance Fee

There is a $195 recertification fee every two years. You will be able to pay the fee online once you have met your recertification credit requirements.

Revocation of Certification

Certification may be revoked as described further in the Violations and Investigations section of the Directorship Certification Handbook.