NACD Concentration Credentials

NACD Certified Directors can supplement and enhance their certification by earning a topic-specific credential at any NACD Continuous Learning Cohort program.

NACD offers five distinct education tracks throughout the year that guide you along a learning path focused on a topic of pressing interest to your board. These interactive, virtual programs allow you to deepen your understanding of pressing issues, connect with your peers, and actively pressure test your understanding of the topic.

Earn credits toward recertification and grow your portfolio of governance concentration credentials with NACD Continuous Learning Cohorts.

NACD Continuous Learning Cohorts

Upon completion of any learning cohort, NACD Certified Directors will be issued a digital concentration credential to showcase their directorship achievement online.


This learning pathway, comprising both live and self-paced components, builds directors’ confidence in their ability to engage in strategic, board-level financial conversations.

Climate Governance

This cohort will help boards master the scientific, social, and commercial aspects of global temperatures, weather systems, and related trends, and focus on implementing effective principles for board involvement.


Gain a deeper understanding of ESG risks and opportunities, including how they apply to your unique organization. Learn practical ways to move the board into active oversight of ESG risks, how to address stakeholders’ ESG disclosure expectations.

Digital Transformation

This cohort focuses on leveraging successful digital transformation to meet shifting customer preferences, increase internal organizational productivity, and create new sources and even models for revenue generation.


This learning pathway focuses on cyber risks, as the prolonged pandemic crisis has made it harder for companies to maintain security and business continuity.

NACD offers hundreds of programs and events that award credits toward recertification. Nearly all national events, chapter events, webinars, peer exchanges, and virtual learning programs award credits, as do programs through the NACD Education Network. Search our event calendar by category, topic, date, or location for more information.