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Forbes: Venture Capital Desperately Needs More Governance

Scott Lenet, Forbes

In any industry where individuals serve as professional fiduciaries, there are typically degree programs, mandated training, certification, continuing education, and oversight. This includes diverse fields like medicine, law, accounting, real estate, and so on.


Bloomberg Law: Directors to be Tested on Whether they are Corporate Board Ready

Bloomberg Law

New or aspiring directors on public company boards will soon be able to test their readiness for the role by taking an exam. The exam is for a first-of-its-kind credential that the National Association of Corporate Directors is launching this fall. NACD, the largest member organization for directors in the U.S., is bringing together a team of sitting directors to help write the test, which will cover topics such as director duties and financial literacy.


LRN: E&C Pulse: Certification Program Aims to Ensure Directors Know Their Stuff

Ben Dipietro, LRN

As focus intensifies on boards and how they are exercising their oversight responsibilities, and as more people without board experience are tapped to serve on boards in response to demands for greater diversity and inclusion, a new certification program is designed to ensure directors have the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective board members.


NACD to Offer New Certification Program for Corporate Directors


WASHINGTON, DC (APRIL 2, 2019) – The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the authority on boardroom practices representing more than 20,000 board members, today announced that it will offer a new certification program that will affirm one’s knowledge to serve as a corporate director and advance NACD’s mission to elevate the profession of directorship. The voluntary program, entitled the NACD Certification of Professional DirectorshipTM, will launch in October 2019.