Achieving Certification

Earning the Credential

NACD Directorship Certification® introduces a more rigorous and consistent director-education standard for all board members. Candidates who become certified will establish themselves as best-in-class directors, committed to staying ahead of emerging issues with ongoing education, staying connected with a diverse network of cohorts, and demonstrating to stakeholders their continuing dedication to boardroom excellence.

Candidates who pass the exam will also receive these benefits:

  • A congratulatory letter and confirmation of certification

  • An official NACD Directorship Certification certificate

  • Sample proxy statement language

  • A digital NACD Directorship Certification signature badge

  • Ongoing recognition at NACD events across the nation and throughout NACD membership communications

NACD Certified Directors

NACD is pleased to recognize our members who have committed to ongoing professional development by becoming NACD Directorship Certified. To view a full list of certified directors, click here.