Certification Bundle

NACD Directorship Certification® Complete Package

Prerequisite Course + Certification Exam Bundle

Whether you are new to the boardroom and want to distinguish yourself for future opportunities or are an experienced director who wants to brush up on the fundamentals of directorship, the NACD Directorship Certification® Complete Certification Package is for you.

The bundled package includes NACD Virtual Director Professionalism® (a required course if you do not meet a prerequisite exception), the NACD Directorship Certification Study Guide, and all exam application and assessment fees.

NACD Virtual Director Professionalism

Upon completing this prerequisite for NACD Directorship Certification, you'll be equipped with the boardroom fundamentals necessary to successfully navigate today's dynamic business environment. Virtual Director Professionalism is ideal for directors preparing for a new public-company board role or for directors looking to position themselves for future board seats, or for mid-level and seasoned directors looking for a refresher. The course can be taken at your own pace with the flexibility to participate at any time, from anywhere.