Test Results

NACD Directorship Certification™ Exam Results

The exam consists of two different types of test items: multiple-choice items and case-study problems. Points are earned for each correct response to a multiple-choice item and there is no penalty for incorrect responses. For the case-study problems, points are awarded for correct responses and points are deducted for incorrect responses.

To determine a candidate’s final score, the total points earned by a candidate (the total point score) is compared to the minimum number of points required to pass the exam (the cut score) which was previously established by a panel of subject-matter experts.

Score Reporting

Candidates whose total point score is at or above the cut score receive a score report of “Pass.” No additional scoring information is available to passing candidates.

Candidates whose total point score is less than the cut score receive a score report of “Fail.” The following additional information is provided to failing candidates:

  1. A scaled score which shows how close the candidate’s total point score was to the cut score. 

  2. Score feedback by test content area which informs candidates about the subject areas on which they may wish to focus in preparation for future exams. 

    • For each content area, the score feedback is one of the following:

      • Continued review is recommended.

      • Moderate improvement is required.

      • Significant improvement is required. 

About Scaled Scores

A scaled score results from the conversion of a candidate’s total point score to a numeric value along a score-reporting scale that is constant for all versions of the same exam. The lowest possible score converts to a scaled score of 200, the highest possible score converts to 800, and the minimum number of correct answers required to pass the exam converts to 500.

Test results are reported as scaled scores because the process accurately represents relative performance on the exam across different versions of the exam, which may vary in terms of difficulty. Since the scale is constant across exam versions, all scores have the same meaning and can be compared.